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Pretty Little Mermaids Paperback Duology

Pretty Little Mermaids Paperback Duology

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Return to the siren realm of A.L. Knorr with Pretty Little Mermaids, which expands the lore established in Born of WaterMermaid’s Return and The Siren’s Curse, but is set before the events of the latter.

 This bundle includes a 5x8 glossy paperback edition of Aquamarine and Ultramarine. Printed to order by Bookvault. Aquamarine also contains the prequel novella Cobalt.

Aquamarine Synopsis

To most mermaids, salt has a capital S, but Eadie is not your average siren.

"If being a siren means I’ll eventually have to leave everyone who ever meant anything to me, then I don’t want it."

I’m the youngest of a set of triplets, and I share little in common with my sisters. Larimar and Lazuli don’t seem bothered by the fact that they’re destined to live their semi-immortal lives controlled by their salt cycle. But after it took Mom, I flipped the ocean a set of double-birds. The salt can’t have me. My life is mine. My voice is mine. My fins and legs are both mine—and I prefer the latter.

I try to live as a normal highschool senior, but I have my own personal bully who makes my life hell. I have a serious crush on Seth Foster, who doesn't seem to know I exist, and a reputation as a socially awkward science whiz. 

When I find a mermaid in salt-flush trapped inside a wreck, she is proof that the salt is a hateful master, with no compassion for those whose lives it ruins, whose memories and identities it erases. 

Can the weakest link in the Jackson chain figure out a way to free her when my hard-earned front as a normal teenager starts to unravel.

Or have I picked a fight I cannot win?

Return to the siren realm of A.L. Knorr with Pretty Little Mermaids, which expands the lore established in Born of WaterMermaid’s Return and The Siren’s Curse, but is set before the events of the latter. Aquamarine is a true YA contemporary fantasy, complete with high school angst, a prom, bullies, a sweet romance, team sports drama and family drama, all intertwined with the author's beloved mermaid mythology.

This edition of Aquamarine contains the prequel novella: Cobalt. 

Ultramarine Synopsis

As the waters of the Hudson River whisper forgotten tales, Gina's quest for identity propels her into a world of danger, mystery, and a love that transcends time.

"I can’t go on like this much longer. I’ll go insane. I will have to find the courage to ask for help. Because I know what I have to do, and I can’t do it alone."

Gina needs fresh water to wash away the salt-flush amnesia that stole her memories, but the Faysea has produced only nightmares, leaving her with the mere shadow of the man from her past. 

An unexpected reunion with Seth, the man whose life she once saved, presents a bitter ultimatum. Desperate to unlock the memories from that pivotal night, Gina is torn between her own needs and the potential harm to the triplets who came to her rescue.

With no alternative in sight, Gina, alongside two of the Jackson Three, embarks on a journey to the bustling streets of New York City. The waters of the Hudson River hold the key to unlocking a cascade of memories—some light and joyous, others dark and disconcerting. Yet, amidst the revelations, a pressing question emerges: has her fiancé patiently awaited her return for three long years, or has he forged a new path without her?

A.L. Knorr weaves a dual narrative, unraveling Gina's enigmatic past while she strives to reclaim her present and, perhaps, construct a future. Building upon the mermaid mythology introduced in Born of Water, Mermaid’s Return, and The Siren’s Curse, the story hurtles towards an unforeseen climax, promising a final twist that will leave readers breathless.

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