Collection: Mermaid's Return

Unleash the power of a mermaid's heart.

Mermaid’s Return is the start of a new mermaid mythology, that follows Mira as she returns to land for the first time in over eight years. She is driven by the urge to procreate, to find a human mate and produce a siren child.

It proves more challenging than she expected. A siren creates reactions in human males just by being who—what—she is. Is it possible to navigate human society, find a way to earn money, and seek out her perfect mate? Can she overcome prejudice, other supernaturals, and the unexpected to not only survive but thrive on land?

This series is a prequel to The Elemental Origins series—which includes Born of Water, the story of Targa, Mira’s daughter—and The Siren’s Curse series, which does a deep dive (pun intended) into a new mermaid mythology.