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The Elemental Origins Paperbacks, Complete Bundle

The Elemental Origins Paperbacks, Complete Bundle

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Five teens reborn with powerful gifts. Now they must unite their magic to win earth’s most desperate campaign…

Six books and two companion stories. 2,000+ pages of magical fantasy adventure.

Targa and her three best friends have no idea what their summer vacations have in store. With each heading to a different far-flung destination, they’re sure to return with amazing tales. But their excitement turns to dread when each girl transforms into a being with ancient powers…

As Targa taps into her mermaid ancestry, the other teens embrace their supernatural destiny through fire magic, samurai spirits, and fae curses. As they battle an age-old entity immune to their collective strength, a mysterious fifth elemental is the only thing standing between victory and obliteration.

Will the girls embrace their extraordinary fate to protect the world from total annihilation?

Elemental Origins: The Complete Series is a thrilling value-packed YA fantasy boxed set. Containing five full-length novels following each character plus a sixth book that unites them all in an explosive finale. If you like modern myths, fresh heroic characters, and page-turning action, then you’ll love USA Today Best-selling Author A.L. Knorr’s superhuman saga.

✔️fresh mermaid mythology

✔️unique pyromancer mythology

✔️new kitsune mythology

✔️a never-before-seen supernatural of Biblical proportion

✔️international travel

✔️friends for life

✔️sweet romances

✔️angels & demons

✔️strong and salty female protagonists

✔️friendship, love & family

✔️explosive ensemble finale

✔️cuss-free, fade-to-black

✔️safe to recommend to 13+

Book 1: Born of Water

A mysterious shipwreck could unlock ancient powers… or send her to a watery grave.

Targa feels more at home on dry land than in the watery realm of her mermaid ancestors. After 17 years on solid ground, she fears she’ll never grow into the creature her mother hoped she’d become. To keep her mom’s homesickness and true identity under wraps, Targa signs on for a mysterious salvage dive in the Baltic Sea.

Her plan to blend in with the rest of the crew is spoiled when she catches the eye of a handsome local. A freak accident and a strange connection to the ancient shipwreck below attract even more unwanted attention. With both her mom’s secret—and her life—in danger, Targa must finally find the courage to unleash the currents surging deep within.

Book 2: Born of Fire

Stepping into her destiny comes with a price she never expected.

Saxony  counts herself lucky when she wins a position as an au pair in Venice for the summer. It’s her responsibility to take care of two young boys - speak to them in English, make sure they get to their swimming lessons on time. Piece of cake, right?

She unexpectedly forms a strong bond with the youngest boy–Isaia. She also meets two Italian men… both are smart, successful, sexy. So far things are going her way. Who doesn’t like options?

When she discovers Isaia is actually dying, and his mom is trying to keep it a secret from his dad, things get a violent shove into complicated…

And then contagious––She’ll never be the same again.

Just when she’s got more on her plate than she can handle, she accidentally gets tangled up with the most powerful crime family in Venice.

Will Saxony survive long enough to learn the secrets of her new abilities, or will they kill her?

Book 3: Born of Earth

She must confront the past to protect her future.

Georjie’s summer is shaping up to be a big disappointment. Trapped in Ireland with her aunt’s gorgeous but cold adopted son Jasher, her "vacation" gets worse with each passing day. But when a trip to the greenhouse reveals glowing cocoons she shouldn't be able to see, she embarks on a quest to solve a magical mystery…

In the pages of an ancient diary, Georjie learns a dark family history and an incredible earthly power. But as she digs deeper and realizes she isn't the only one with a touch of magic, the ghosts of the past may do much more than haunt her.

Can Georjie provide justice for her ancestors before she becomes the next family victim?

Book 4: Born of Aether

They say if you tell a lie long enough, you'll eventually believe it, but Akiko will never forget who she really is.

Akiko Susumu is not what she seems. Her life as a normal teen living in a coastal Canadian town is a complete sham. The old man she lives with is not her grandfather, he's her captor. And Akiko isn't a teen. In fact, she isn't even human.

But Akiko isn't allowed to share the reality of her true nature with a single soul. Not even her three best friends know of the power she could wield, given the chance.

So, when she's sent back to her homeland to steal an ancient samurai sword, she jumps at the chance to secure her freedom, only to get caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the most dangerous crime syndicate in Japan.

Can Akiko escape with her life and her soul, or is true freedom as elusive as the Aether she was born from?

Book 5: Born of Air

In a desert full of danger, the ancient sands whisper her name.

All Petra wants in life is to study Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. And she's so close, but she needs experience on an Old World archaeological excavation. 

When Petra spies an ad for a volunteer position on an excavation to North Africa, she knows its meant for her. But there is more waiting for her in Libya than broken pottery and human remains. A heart-pounding race through the desert under a sky full of stars with Jesse, her sexy dig-mate and newfound crush, ends when Petra slides into an ancient cave-system with strange stones embedded in the walls.

That's where her life changes forever.

As her powers manifest, there are those who think they have a good reason to destroy her before she becomes too powerful.

Book 6: The Elementals

When a global project turns deadly, the Elementals must take a stand or die trying.

When the Elementals are recruited to execute a super-secret global project that is supposed to change humanity for the better, it seems as though the girls will be rocketed to fortune and glory. But when they accidentally unleash a dark and terrible force, things deteriorate rapidly into death and destruction...

This deadly entity seems immune to their magic and it is too late to turn back.

The Elementals is a speed-rap of a novel that will take you to the edge of your seat!

The Elemental Origins Series audiobook bundle includes:

  • Born of Water & bonus novella, The Wreck of Sybellen (9h 55m)
  • Born of Fire & bonus novella, Pyro (11h 8m)
  • Born of Earth (5h 49m)
  • Born of Aether (7h 21m)
  • Born of Air (6h 15m)
  • The Elementals (7h 23m)

Tropes n' details

  • an ensemble cast of supernatural powerhouse characters you'll love
  • action & adventure
  • 6 full length novels plus 2 bonus novellas
  • award-winning YA fantasy
  • supernatural transformation, friendship, love, family, adventure, international travel, vigilante
  • gift with purchase
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